Thursday, September 29, 2016

Do Real Guys Use Hairspray?

Source: The Sporting News 1984 College Football Yearbook


  1. There was something really interesting about "mens" hairspray. Madison Avenue went into hyper masculine mode to come up with traditional advertising for the product. What came out were product names that were supposed to convey normative masculinity, but in fact, as Norma alluded to a man who is less than the alpha male. So you got products like CONSORT (an outdated word that alludes to the one half of a married couple, but most often applied to the spouse of a titled woman (Queen, etc.).)

  2. Yes, but only on their chest hair.

  3. I remember using Consort hair spray, then needing my asthma inhaler aftewards, to blunt my response to the toxic fumes.