Monday, February 10, 2014

Spot the BOOBY!

There are 17 things WRONG in this picture.  Can you find them?


  1. 1, Janelle, the woman in blue is actually an Autumn.
    2. Centering Rose, the older woman, gives her the appearance of Matriarch, but she's actually the neighborhood's high school (unmarried) bus driver.
    3. Both paneling and carpet were ecru when originally installed in this distinctly smoke-friendly home.
    4. Young Rusty forgot to wash his hands after rubbing one out to a Lily St. Cyr ad in dad's Esquire magazine 10 minutes ago.
    5.Uncle Frank, who is obviously the one taking the picture, once again showed up wearing the EXACT same dress as Carla Jo, seated on sofa on right.

    Those are the ones jumping out at me...

  2. may i approach it from the other way & state
    that there is only one thing right with this photo?

    and that would be the time on that oh, so collectable clock.

  3. There's some serious brain damage going on in that moment, breathing in all the AquaNet that the matriarch applied to everyone's hair just before the photo was taken.

  4. I see Bobby!
    He's the red headed ventriloquist's dummy of the lady in lavender, right?
    Oh....never mind.

  5. the time is wrong on the clock.

    1. oh, you're just jealous because the
      clock's pendulum is larger than your

  6. Posting this picture was wrong enough.

  7. Of all the wrong things - and there so, so many that sure 17 is an undercount - the only one I find truly unforgivable is that pair of white shoes dead center, because unless Possum Hollow was having a record summer cold snap, that picture was not taken between Decoration Day and Labor Day.

  8. Half Stepford, half hung over Christmas morning...Some of the ladies seem to have been caught out in their house coats. I think Red is exerting mind control over everyone with his britches.