Sunday, January 5, 2014

Required Reading

Always seeking to be on top of my game, as you can see, I've been doing my homework over the holiday.

Here is a selection from my newly checked out Mr. Kenneth's Complete Book of Hair. (much better than Mr. Kenneth's Partial Book of Hair, by the way.)


  1. You know Kenneth tried on all those wigs before he let the models have them.

  2. Okay, I'm about to sound like a freak (You: Too late, I already knew that.). Kenneth was the first hairdresser to turn a haircut into a day-long high society event. He died last year and the NY Times did a great write-up of his life:

    I'm a mess.


    1. would someone get raina a chair, a pill and
      comb her out...thank you please!

  3. Hair god! I dreamt of having my hair touched by Mr. K.

  4. Oh. I thought that was you in the last photo, Donna Lethal. Thanks for the link Raina. You freak.