Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Ketty Lester

She could sing, dance and act.  Born Revoyda Frierson  in 1934, Ketty Lester was an entertainment triple threat, and had she been white, she might have gotten bigger and better roles.  Even though she never got top billing, she worked throughout the 50's, 60's , 70's, 80s in film and on TV.  Her body of work is impressive, and she even took her role in Blacula seriously.  From soap opera's to Little House on the Prairie, Lester's face and exquisite diction were easily recognized, though her name was often buried in the credits.

And because had flawless hair, Ketty Lester, we salute you on the HHoF


  1. absolutely, but that's a flawless wig.

  2. I have always loved "Love Letters" - had no idea she acted as well. Like Nancy Wilson, Fontella Bass and the other Franklin girl Ketty was/is a class act.

  3. Lovely to see this tribute, Cookie.

    “Love Letters” plays frequently on Mistress MJ’s jukebox.

  4. Her bio on Wikipedia states that she also made a "Christian" album called "I saw Him" Now who could that be? Micheal Landon as an angel?

    I didn't know that Hester-Sue sang so wonderfully. I think I'll be listening to more of this gorgeous, velvety voice throughout this summer.

  5. DeepBlue Jon - I see him every day. He's my husband.