Thursday, June 27, 2013

HHoF Contest, fabulous prizes, so read the instructions, Bitches

The HHoF is holding a contest to see who receives the honor of being the official name giver of wig styles at the HHoF.

Entrants will look at the image below and then name each of the wig styles, A through E, and then submit their entries via the comments sections.

You may not name just one wig, you must name ALL wigs.

Current stylists may enter, HOWEVER, thou shalt not judge each other or talk about Norma's secret lady place.

EXTRA POINTS given to anyone who chooses to also name the miracle fibre that said wig is made of.

Winners will be announced in one week.  

And what does our winner get?  Their picture and link to their blog in our right hand column and the official title of "Wig Namer to The Hair Hall of Fame". 

So get your brains in gear and play by the rules and everyone will have a good time, DAMNIT!

Warmest personal regards,



  1. A. Topsy
    B. Cascadade
    C. Bobsy
    D. Red Menace
    E. Cotton Tail

    All in in luxurious, dishwashable Herculon®

  2. A. Do-Do Diane
    B. Curly Caramel Crush
    C. Bippity Bippity Bop
    D. Daddy Warbucks
    E. Side Sweep Astaire

    * Flame retardant- do not microwave!

  3. A. The Symptomatic – Book two appointments if the carpet matches the drapes.

    B. The Frosted and Tetched – can be swept up for a visit with your shrink or loose and natural for a psychotic break

    C. The Ennui – A style that compliments any house slipper

    D. The Q Tip Cutie – on those nights when you just want to feel bulbous

    E. The Swirly – Style for every girl on the go: just flush, brush and rush!

    All wigs are made of long-wearing, mild to moderately irritating by-products of the fishing industry.

  4. A Spitunia (Whornel)

    B Polly Esther (Skankalon)

    C Retchen (Pustira III)

    D Mrs. Robinson (Coochlene)

    E Joey (Slutvalon)

    (Sorry--typo in the first submission.)

  5. A. The Carol Brady
    B. The Kim Darby
    C. The Velma
    D. The Forgotten Faith Tone
    E. The Early Goldie

    All wigs are hand-tied Elura, a GMO cotton spun polymer from your friends at Monsanto.

  6. Top L: The guinea pig
    Top R: Five or six quick ones (shades of Young Frankenstein)
    Mid: Bangchangaroo
    LowerL: Beehave!
    LowerR: Cougartown

    Did they use horsehair?

  7. These creations, the triumph of technology over conscience, are crafted from 100% Merkinelle©. Ask for it by name.

    A: The Castaway
    B: The Kumquat Kraze
    C: The Peppermint Patty
    D: The Xanax Xanadu
    E: The Alamo

  8. a. tramp
    b. whore
    c. skank
    d. slut
    e. nypho

    all wigs are dishwasher safe

  9. a. the bundy
    b. the dahmer
    c. the gacy
    d. the gein
    e. the desalvo

    100% human hair, of course.

  10. A and B are both our trademark "Frosted Fantasy" - the world's first reversible hairstyle! Just right for day-to-night, town-to-country, or PTA-to-stag loops!

    C is "Substitute Teacher" - the wig for when your own mousy hair just isn't drab enough!

    D is "Cocktail Lounge Siren," the perfect grab'n'go wig for your late shift at the Velvet Room!

    And E is "Vero Beach Bombshell" - the wig that goes everywhere you, your Pall Malls, and your double-knit culottes do.

    Remember - all our wigs are made from versatile Populon, the only synthetic that's Microwaveable for your hygiene!

  11. A. Hanoi Jane...fashionably treasonous.
    B. Miracle Whipped...for that ersatz creaminess.
    C. de Nile...then Bargaining, then Anger
    D. The Ambiguous..this style is hard to put a finger on.
    E. Mother's Helper..10 mg of High Stylin'!
    All in Plastronic, permanently heat set for that Crunchy Feel.

  12. Not an entry. Just want to say that we have the most BRILLIANT beauticians and clients of any salon anywhere.