Friday, February 15, 2013

Why Not Frost?

She liked it so much, she's bringing the dog in next week.


  1. pinky always points in same direction as hip.
    (learned in charm school)

  2. who needs Happy Hair when you have a fitted caftan, a poodle, and a highball?

  3. Oh, good. I'm glad she's coming back. She can pick up the lighter, pack of Pall Malls, and pink shimmer lipstick she left next to my sink. But if she says a word about a pair of Monet earrings shaped like Shasta daisies, play dumb - I gave them to Margaret.

  4. Replies
    1. Je pense qu'elle est Mme. Judy Peabody, femme du haut monde americain et Hairhopper extraordinaire - mais je ne suis pas absolument certain.

  5. Those two Xanax really helped to loosen Murial up. Now, where did the pool boy get to?

  6. You either got it, or you ain't.
    And boys, she's got it.