Saturday, February 16, 2013

Well, is it, Norma?

Norma Desmond was discovered to be moonlighting and selling this behind our backs.  After reviewing the facts, such as they are, salon management has agreed that Norma can continue selling it as Margaret refuses to hawk them for him.


  1. Pish, what pity party story did norma cook up to convince you that he needs to hawk vacuum and pressure machines after hours in seedy bars?! Especially after the "chaps" incident at MJ's place, I refuse to believe any of his faux shame. The way he always had a suspicious bulge in his pants...I now know the secreted XERVAC was producing "deep seated blood" in his pants!

    I shall, however, insist that we hawk THIS at the gift shop forthwith, and not a penny shared with hairy, moonlighting Stylists!


  2. when new technology plunks its ass in front
    of me, i pay attention. get it?

  3. You'll end up in the emergency ward, Norma, and have to explain why a XERVAC was attached to your zipper.

  4. You know I MUST report this incident to the Health Inspector, or me, right? And an exam must ensue?