Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Want To Be A Successful Home Hostess?

Just tell us you want the "Mitzi Flip"!


  1. Does it come with the convertible hostess gown?

  2. Gown is extra. See Margaret for details.

  3. Don't greet your guests wearing a damp, smelly shirt and too tight pedal pushers! Glam it up by donning a smart hostess gown, complete with removable skirt. Whip off the skirt, and slave away at the stove before your glam, and gay, house guests arrive. While cooking, you'll wholly embrace not having old fashioned heavy caftan sleeves slip into the flames, or having a stove accident and emerging from the kitchen drenched with water, and smelling like, well, burnt fibers. When the doorbell chimes, throw off your oven mitt, tie on your hostess skirt, pinch your cheeks, and dash off to greet your guests floating into the room in as the perfect vision of hostess goodness. Be the envy at your next soiree, and choose your hostess gown now at THHoF gift shop. Available in sizes L, XL and XXL only.