Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Seniors Day

Beauty Pageant Edition

Contestants, tell us about yourselves and your hair style.


  1. Second from the left: "Hi, I'm Cathy Aruda from Shabuta Mississippi and I'm a mother of four a grandmother of sixteen and a great grandmother of two hundred and fifty six. This is all my own hair and I call it a, "Champagne Fall."

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    L to R signatures:

    Mrs. Spaire Tyre
    Mrs. Cathy Aruda
    Miss Shortt Stuffed
    Miss Duzznut Foolround
    Miss Wuntsto Foolround
    Mr. Dragg Kween

  3. First from left:
    Hi, I'm Claudia Brown, from East New Joplin, Missouri.
    I teach Earth Sciences to the 6th grade of the New East Joplin Integrated Middle School. I'm a mother to an adorable tea cup poodle named BooBoo, who has the exact same shade of hair as I do.
    My hobbies are sewing and making terrariums.
    My husband, Mr. Edgar M. Brown Jr. (far right), looks chic in the white gown I made for him. His hair was done by his best friend, Mr. Ralph, of Mr. Ralph's Salon de Bea'uty (479 1/2 North Elm St.)

  4. Those poor runner-ups might still hold some grudges
    They padded their cups but I screwed the judges
    Those broads thought they'd win if a plate they would spin
    In their dance, not a chance

    'Cause I hit the stage, batons ablaze
    While belting high C's and preparing souffles
    With that triple somersault
    Was how I clinched Miss Baltimore Crabs

  5. gee, i thought that was cookie on the right.
    hardly recognized her out of that ratty chenille robe.