Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hairdressing Headliners

A-List resumé, Kenneth Battelle, more popularly known as Kenneth. toiled away at Helena Rubenstein for five years before switching to the extravagant pink and white Lilly Daché salon and eventually became, "Secretary of Grooming." to Jacqueline Kennedy.

Somewhere in the 1970's he collaborated with the Elura wig manufacturer.

And apparently, he hawked them from his hotel room too.


  1. I'm not really sure a cigarette should be that near those wigs. If memory serves, Elura is one of the most flammable substances known to man...

  2. I'm more worried about his combover.

  3. i bet he'd try them on and flit about the room.

  4. I know I just took an educational sojourn to Wikipedia to find out that Kenneth is still alive.
    (Maybe all those Elura fumes)

    And that he rescued Kay Kendall from "looking like Danny Kaye in drag".

    1. Well, that does sound like a fate worse than death. Not to mention something Kenneth may well seen first-hand...

  5. That Napoleon style cut just isn't working for him.