Thursday, December 27, 2012

File Under "Gift Horse, Looked in the Mouth"

No good deed goes unpunished.  Being the big-hearted employer that I am, I decided to get the girls new uniforms for Christmas, 'cause they'd been wearing their old schmattas for ages.  Well, Thing One on the left is just pleased as punch - she was so tickled, in fact, that she decided to wear all her Christmas wiglets at once, poor dear.  However, it will come as no surprise, I'm sure, to learn that Thing Two wants hers two inches shorter.  I keep telling her that nobody wants to see that while they're getting a wash-and-set, but will she listen?  She will not.  Slut.


  1. Oh my...such drama!
    She's just the type to take scissors to it herself, you know!

    The skirt too.

  2. It seems as though Thing Two has left you a little partially-secret message in the lower right corner of the foto.

    1. Yeah, she's passive-aggressive that way. And every other way, come to think of it...

  3. They are the Ying and the Yang of shampooers.