Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Birthday, Cookie!

Happy 50th birthday to The Hair Hall of Fame manager and creator…Ask the Cool Cookie!


You make The Hair Hall of Fame such a sweet place to be.


  1. Cookie, come to the gift shop for your complimentary pack of gum!

    You make half a century look gooood!

  2. she'll be with you shortly, she's having her roots touched up.
    all four of them.

  3. Happy Birthday, Cookie! I'm so delighted to work with you The Hair Hall of Fame...especially when you remember to take your meds.

  4. We are all double-booked today in honor of your 11-22 birthday my darling...our salon would never look this good were it not for you! I'm happy to take your clients today. xo

  5. Happy Birthday, O Coolest of Cookies!