Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pop the Top

We can’t be certain if this is a hat or her hair…


In any case, The Hair Hall of Fame recommends a headscarf if you’re going to pop the top of your ’69 Mercury Cougar.

And make certain the scarf is securely fastened, particularly if you’re travelling in a Bugatti.


  1. who needs an airbag...or a douchebag for that matter.

    1. MJ has built-in airbags; she likes to drives topless. It's quite a sight when they get tangled in the steering wheel when she slams on her brakes trying not to hit norma, the slag in the crosswalk.

  2. Could be hat; could be hair. Still, I would not discard the possibility, faint but distinct, that it's an ottoman.

    Whatever, in combo with the ragtop, it's a great look...