Saturday, September 29, 2012

Italian Cuts

Italian Cuts, 1953 

    The new Italian Cut became extremely popular in 1953. It easily rivaled the Poodle Cut rage of the year before for some important reasons. The Poodle “looked the same on everybody who wore it and it especially favored the blonde…” in contrast, the Italian could be “varied to suit individual faces and because of it’s Latin look, it favored Brunettes bringing them back to a position in popular beauty standards that they had lost to bleaches.” 

The Italian cut is shaggy but sculptured with deep waves on the crown. Spit curls frame the forehead and cheeks and a carefully ragged nape in an effect  described by a romantic ladies’ magazine editor as “It’s like your boyfriend has been nibbling at the back of your neck.” Like the Poodle though, the Italian cut requires constant clipping. 



  1. It does look remarkably like someone tipped pasta on her head. Jx

  2. kabuki has more than once done a curl & set with bolognese sauce and uncooked ziti. thinking outside of the box is what beauty is all about.

  3. For an extra $5, we will give you a facial and pop your zitis.

  4. Model number two looks like she's had a poodle cut on her eyebrows.