Sunday, September 23, 2012

In Curlers: are you familiar?

Pete from In Curlers is a dear corresponding pal of mine. His collection of vintage curlers and apparatus is stunning! Look at his latest and be sure to click the link for the rest of this fabulous blog:
Pete's latest acquisition.


  1. I went to his site and just about had an orgasm when I say that shield shaped curler cart!

  2. I am wearing sponge rollers at this writing. I do apologize.

    If Pete can find a bin full of Spoolies, I'll bring the Kreml and make a night of rolling around in both.

  3. Cookie, the thought of you having an orgasm delights me so. Oh Margaret, photos!
    Email Pete and ask. We have corresponded for some time now. If you are on twitter, he posts about his nightly sets!