Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Toni Tennille

Happy 72nd birthday, Toni Tennille.


  1. Replies
    1. I know! Nothing has made me feel older than that horrifying fact in a very long time. Toni Tenille is 72. It's just not processing. I think of her as an eternal 38, just about to sing "Love Will Keep Us Together" (even though it didn't, and even though I prefer Mae West's cover version from Sextette).

      And what do you suppose the danger of aerosols turned out to be? And when was People ever ini the business of hard-hitting environmental reporting?

  2. What drug is The Captain on that dilates his pupils so?

  3. I remember when "Love Will Keep Us Together" came out, you could not escape that song for months. It was everywhere. Elevators, radio stations, people playing the LP and the Dinah Shore Show. I think that's the reason (along with Margaret's beloved Muskrat Love) why these two dropped off the radar screen of pop culture - you couldn't get the fuck away from it. (Peenee even sings it in the shower.)

  4. Ah yes, this was my hairstyle through most of high school