Tuesday, April 3, 2012

60s Blonde Minx

Coordinating mink and gloves and hair. So fabulous. 


  1. Margaret--I was thinking "champagne minx" for a title for this. I wasn't sure if this was champagne or honey or blonde mink, though. I love her arm, too. When I do that, I look like I'm entering a duel.

    1. *Patting sofa* Holly & Cookie, I did have, "Champagne Mink Minx Queen" but decided this gal does not fit the dictionary description of "minx", or at least we have no evidence therein:
      a pert, impudent, or flirtatious girl.
      1535–45; perhaps < Low German minsk man, impudent woman; cognate with German Mensch; see mensch

      HOWEVER, if Holly, according to her comment on the arm position, if she were to pose thusly, (*Holly, please demonstrate), perhaps we could apply the title of "minx" to her since she could resemble a German man, due to her "dueling-esque arm"?


  2. Replies
    1. I was thinking more in the lines of, "Champagne Evelyn King."

      Nix the "minx."

      Perhaps YOU can find us a suitable minx? *Nudges Cookie off couch.*

  3. i say she's a violinist with a frozen arm.

  4. I think our girl has been caught on film just as she's about to get a firm grip on her mink stole and throw it at the photographer. Then, she'll laugh heartily, the photographer will get mad, but eventually they'll end up at her place where they'll have a pillow fight and cuddle all night long. Minx. Boom! Done!