Friday, July 1, 2011

Note to Management

(ahem, cough)

Everything is for the comfort of the guests and the comfort of the hairdressers," said Eber, who has owned salons in Beverly Hills since 1980. "The salon has always been my home. It's important to me that I'm available to everyone from all walks of life. I've based my career on that." Though haircuts start at $85 in the salon, Eber charges $500 a head — a steep fee, but lower than many of his contemporaries'.

The salon's second floor features a waxing room, an extension room, a manicure-pedicure enclave featuring tufted, raised thrones, a treatment room inhabited by a beauty pro who does semi-permanent makeup (it lasts one to two years), four rooms dedicated to injectables, Botox, laser and other medi-spa treatments, and the Suite — a private room for VIPs that features its own shampoo bowl, hairdressing station, flat-screen TV, windows overlooking Camden Drive and black-and-purple upholstered seating.

An oversized photo of Taylor taken by Bert Stern during the "Cleopatra" era will soon hang on the wall of the staircase circling down to the main level.

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  1. Raised thrones, black & purple upholstery, 2 year semi-perm makeup! That's enticing, but I wonder if the Kreml is watered down?