Thursday, May 13, 2010

Handy Around The House.

I had one of these in my living room in Adams Morgan, Washington DC, in the early eighties (if you don't believe me, ask kabuki zero).   I purchased it for $18 from a junk shop down the street.  I couldn't believe my good fortune and promptly rolled it a block up the street to my apartment!  It was very handy as a holder for the daily mail, and at Christmastime it looked beautiful in it's festive decorations.  Sadly, when I moved to LA; it stayed behind.


  1. what's amusing is that when i went to hair school (when lincoln was president!) mid 70s, we learned to give perms the helene curtis way which was attaching heated clamps over the rods. sizzling solution, yummy!

  2. Well, when I President of teh historical society back home we had one of those that was given to us by a retired beauty shop owner. I plugged the damn thing in and it got hot enough to scare me. But it worked.