Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hair Mugs

Hungarian designer Krisztina Czika created mugs made from human hair embedded in wax.

Photograph by Margherita Soldati

She used different colours of cosmetic wax – which is typically used for removing leg, underarm and bikini hair – to make the collection, which she named This Is Not A Värdera, after the ubiquitous IKEA cups.

Perhaps we here at The Hair Hall of Fame Salon could use the day's sweepings to create our own hair mugs and sell them at our Gift Shop.


  1. i'm contacting this brilliant artist ASAP.

    i want to have an entire line of fine china made using pedicure scrapings & clippings.
    of course, there will be a special corn bowl.

  2. Is the hair from the head, armpit or pubis?

    I'm asking for a friend... Jx