Friday, July 31, 2015

Don't Forget Our Summer Deals!

Now that Peenee has finally serviced had a chat with Carlos the maintenance man, we're back in the chill and ready for a busy weekend.

And remember, gals - all this August we're offering the Super Summer Saturday Steno Special:  your choice of one of these new harsh colors and chic lopsided styles, just the thing to show off for the boss while his wife is down the shore.  Get yours tomorrow for only $14.99.*

*$16.99 if you'd like the two-tone bangs; $18.99 if you want to talk about office politics with your beauty operator. Appointments are limited, so call today!


  1. Can't any of these gals make a a decent cup of coffee around here, fercryinoutloud?

    1. i heard one of them whisper, "we don't swim in your toilet so don't piss in our pool."

  2. That Carlos has a really short attention span, if you know what I mean. And dosed anyone appreciate my help? No. Filthy bitches.

  3. This was before Dolly, Jane and Lily