Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Seniors Day

Ahoy Seniors, You could win a cruise on the Love Boat! 

Check in with our cruise director, Ms. Peenee, at the receptionarium for your chance to enter and win a luxurious cruise featuring Nanette Fabray, Jim Neighbors, Brett Sommers and Captain Stubbing with special guest stars Kristy McNichol, Scott Baio, Pamela Sue Martin, Bert Convy and a performance by the one and only Charro.

Enter now and have your picture taken on the Libido Deck.


  1. "The one and only Charo". There surely couldn't be another!


    PS Scott Baio. Mmmm.

    PPS Wiglets!

  2. I have a feeling Charo and I will be fighting over Bert Convy as we board the ship.
    Alas, she will win.

  3. those flags may blow, but that
    HHOF shellacked melon stands firm.

  4. I can almost hear Celine Dion singing My Hair Will Go On.