Tuesday, May 1, 2012

BREAKING NEWS! Mr. Anthony is now taking new clients in Chair C

The Hair Hall of Fame welcomes Il Duce the marvelous man behind Suffering Fools Badly.  A regular client, he has finished his course work in physical culture, beauty and the conversational arts.  Please welcome him with open arms and plenty-o-tips.


  1. I'll drink to that!

    Has anyone warned him about Margaret?

    1. Did anyone warn him about me?

      Oh, yeah, Welcome Ill Dolce!!!

  2. Dear Il D,
    I like my Kreml cold, my men hot and MJ under the wheels of my Cordoba. Wally is mine, no matter what he says after imbibing your Barbasol, he is crazy about me, hands off! BTW, Norma tries to look busy on Saturday night, but I peeked in her window and saw her ironing her slipper, the same one, over and over again, while it melted to the bottom of her iron. Cookie, well, what can I say? He uses left-handed scissors to cut hair, but his right hand is always calloused. Something's not right with that child. Thom pretends to have no problems whatsoever, but I spied him coming out of the dermatologist's office, band aids all over his face! I cut him off with the Cordoba, and he said he got stung by a hive of bees (ha! it was January). I think he has adult cysts popped, or something poured into large facial pits (don't borrow his razor). Holly Gal is super sticky sweet but rides her bike from her stylist chair to the bathroom 2 feet away, and once had TP hanging off the back of her seat, but I didn't tell her. Anyhoo, welcome, and what is it you can actually do, dear?

  3. Thanks all for the big welcome! I'm hoping the dress code at HHOF is a step up from my last salon: http://ilduce-sufferingfoolsbadly.blogspot.com/2012/02/i-finally-finally-finally-managed-to.html

  4. Margaret - if you send me an email, we'll promote you receptionist.

  5. Well, well, well,

    Welcome Ilduce!

    Sorry I just stammered...

  6. Welcome, Il Duce!

    I regret my absence at the big announcement.

    I don't like rat combs, I'm partial to razor cuts (don't hate! I have delicate follicles!), and a freshly-made Dr. Funk will keep me in the chair long enough for you to finish. You see, I have AD......oh, my is that a raccoon?