Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hillary Hair Watch

First it was Hillary’s hair bands.

And now, Hillary Clinton’s hair scrunchies have come under fire.

“Some of us are looking to ban the scrunchies,” says one of Hilary’s top aides.

Where do you stand on Hillary’s hair?

Or on the hair scrunchie?

The Hair Hall of Fame wants to know.


  1. She looks done with politics and ready to retire to Arkansas.

  2. Extend a warm, Kreml-y HHoF Seniors' Day e-vite! Then, during her 'poo, burn that funkie scrunchie in the supply closet.

  3. when she got herself a real job, she had to put away her girlish ways. when this amazing chapter in her life finishes, she be able to go back to westchester and have her hair done every three hours.

    then she be president, like she was supposed to be.

    and then SHE"LL fuck monica on that fucking west wing desk.