Thursday, April 5, 2012

Good news, and odd news

Periodically, Your salon manager Mr. Cookie looks through the blogger dashboard to see the HHoF stats.  The good news is....

A BIG shout out to the Everlasting Blort and which made the Hair Hall of Fame its featured BLORT of the day on Tuesday, April 2, 2012.

The disturbing news is that next to Google, our second highest referring site is one run by members of the BIRTHER Movement - you know those crack pots who think that President Obama's parents hatched a plan 50 years ago to over-throw the duly elected government of the U-nited States of AMURICA, God Bless it, by having their baby in Africa and then having operatives in Hawaii get jobs in the hospital in which they wanted people to think that their son was born in so they could slide their baby's name into the birth announcements so no one would know that he was born in a grass shack full of Comm-U-Nists, and then secretly smuggled said baby into the U.S. to raise him and groom him to go to Harvard and then run for the U.S. Senate and get him elected the first black President of U-nited States of AMURICA so he could destroy the nation and take away everybodies guns?

Yeah, those crack-pots.

I won't give you their address because I sure as Hell don't want to send them any web visitors.

Since we at the HHoF are APPALLED that anyone would ever believe such craziness  (Seriously people, if you follow these whack job Birthers you need to be locked up and thrown away the key because you're just fucked up beyond the healing capabilities of Psychotherapy)  I give you a picture of the current, and handsomely groomed President of the United States:


  1. are you sure? I thought that the picture below this post was our President.

    1. (Takes large swig of Barbicide) Whaaaaa?!
      And just yesterday my Man posted a ad of Mr T-W he found on "some weird website" and I informed him that "that weird website" surely stole it from HERE.

  2. There's a man who shares my first and last name who is big in the Tea Party movement in his state. One can only hope that people searching for him find me as well!

  3. I was stunned and shocked when I discovered this, and confused. Why in heavens name would that type of blog link to us? I looked all over that repulsive site and found nothing that linked to us. Contributors should be able to view the statistical information for the blog, if not, I will give you access.