Monday, March 26, 2012

A New Client!

What's her story?


  1. Always sunny, Lauren Goldfarb is a junior at Heights High School in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. She's involved in the poetry club, Equal Rights For the Negro, and secretary for the Charmette's Club. Lauren's ambitions are to see the Holy Land, to marry a doctor and stay best friends forever with Candace "Cookie" Krupmann.

  2. love those glasses with the attached nose.

  3. She is just so pleased that you were all able to wax the unsightly "Groucho" tash... (and it did take all of you)
    Now she can go to the prom without worrying about the other kids making fun of her. Although there is still the slight glasses problem....

  4. Really, you can't appreciate Enid's journey to beauty without seeing the "Before" pictures as well.

  5. Judy Garuda

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    Judith Lauren Marie Garuda (born July 6, 1945) is an American comedian, model, actress, producer, and political & media advisor. She is the granddaughter of Jimmy Durante. Garuda first gained national attention for her “Gertrude the ugly duckling,” personality which she performed on variety television shows like Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In . Following a horrific automobile accident that left her completely disfigured Garuda stunned the world when she underwent plastic surgery and became a famous fashion model. Garuda has six Academy Awards and is currently the US ambassador to Switzerland.

    Early life

    Garuda was born…

  6. Highly-recruited former Heights High School tight-end Laurence "Grabass" Goldfarb steps out after an unexpectedly long foreign student exchange trip to Stockholm.

    When asked what he liked best about Scandinavia, Laurence simply demurred and said, "Be a dear and pass me a petite-fours, okay?".

  7. She's just received her first pearl necklace!

  8. Sits out at dances. Brings crocheting everywhere with her. Always has pack of eyeglass wipes. Once went outside without glasses and bumped into family car, specifically, a 1959 Plymouth, and believes she is now a "fallen woman." Brushes teeth with Pepsodent paste, while doing cheer moves in front of mirror. Makes her own headbands from discarded elastic waist clothing. Vows never to pluck. Reluctantly agreed to pay for photo shading.