Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Felix!

Join us as we celebrate the birthday of Hair Hall of Fame beautician FELIX.

Planning a trip to Los Angeles?

Join Felix as he leads you on a historical walking tour of Old Hollywood.

Visit to find out more.

And tell him The Hair Hall of Fame sent you!


  1. When those men came and took me out of the salon that day for my (incarceration) retraining classes, I thought, "oh they'll all forget me." Now that I'm in the last phases of my (rehab) extended vacation, I'm excited to show my old clients the wonderful new techniques I've learned while away. (asymmetrical page-boy with a homemade shiv) But let me say that your cards and letters have meant so much. (I smoked them all)

    And I still think that Pirate set me up.

  2. I had nothing to do with any of this.

  3. Have a purr-fectly wonder-full birthday, Felix!

  4. He'll have to share yours, Norma.