Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's Hair Like This....

That keeps us poor.  Come in for a sassy new spring cut Today!


  1. my hair is soon almost that long. I'm looking for a new cut. But the only one I'm absolutely in love with is the Louise Brooks. I love it since my childhood but was always too chicken to do it. What do you think? Maybe you have an idea. I definitely need help with this. I really hate all the modern cuts that my haircutter showed me.

  2. Mamie Eisenhower circa 1955. Short and sweet with bangs too! Miss MJ has very reasonable rates especially after a few martinis. Sorry, that's her other job. Don't know what she charges for hair styling.

  3. Who's looking at Cher? I can't stop looking at the hottie leaning up against the car! Did she take him home? Oh my, Felix, help us out with juicy deets!

  4. Margaret - funny you should bring it (him) up. You'll never find a more dedicated Cher fan than me, but I too was diverted by the same thing.

    While I have not details, I do have thoughts. Sexy somewhat androgynous stud puppy in the back of a stretch Caddy. Oh, if I could turn back time.

  5. it's hair like this that keeps us poor?

    no way honey! if these be extensions, cha-ching! if not, conditioning, blow-outs, ends trimmed, her wallet can be emptied in a flash!

  6. Hands off the hottie, Margaret.

    AND Felix.

    I'm taking that home.

  7. MJ, Wally & I have an open relationship, and Felix & I agree that we can share Mr. Androgynous, and decided you can have the guy who looks like Bozo meets Ron Jeremy.
    Pardon us, you're blocking the Time Machine Portal.
    You're welcome.