Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Miss Peenee Speaking

Miss Peenee speaking. May I help you?...


Please join us in wishing a happy birthday on APRIL 5th to our receptionist, Miss Peenee aka Mr. Peenee.


  1. Happy Birthday to Peenee! We should get flowers for the desk.

  2. whether manning her post at the front desk or on her back, legs behind her head on that very same desk, miss peenee is always our professional. we salute her for her 7 decades with us and hope for many more.

  3. Darlings thank you all so very much, whoever the hell all you people are.

    I put on the regular mail message that says "We're closed in mourning of our latest Pool Boy, Rodrigo Maria." and tha t we would re-open once our shattered nerves could support it. The last time I had the message up, we wound up not working the whole fucking summer.

  4. Happy birthday, to the peeneeist man of all.