Thursday, January 19, 2017

Just breath and think of Robert Conrad

Stressed with all the POTUS-e BS?

Then join me in thinking about something nicer, someone the complete opposite of the fat assed Cheeto taking the oath of office tomorrow.

Think about Robert Conrad, instead.  And his chest hair.

Think about his smile.  His youth.  His body.  His chest.

Think about his skin, delicious to touch.  To run your hands over.  Think about his chest hair, after all this is a blog about hair, think about his chest hair.

Think about his pecs, his butt and his dimples, all of those dimples.

Now imagine him in his youth, at your beck and call and only for you.

Think about him, tied up, like on his TV show, Wild Wild West.

Just think about that.

There now, better?


  1. i think he's a fucking republican too.

    1. In every interview, every word that came out of his mouth defined him as a moron. That's why the mute button on remote controls are so important.

  2. I do feel better thank you. Can you imagine a television show now that included weekly bondage with the man objectified?