Sunday, December 25, 2016

Kabuki Zero has left the Hair Hall of Fame.

Truth be told, Kabuki Zero, has left us all.

It is with heavy heart, and tears welling in my eyes that I must report that one of our own, Kabuki Zero, aka Billy L., has died following post surgery recovery.

In the pantheon of that is made up of our friends, there are many we love, but their was only one Kabuki.  Kabuki joined the HHoF, and made a couple contributions, lots of comments, and several proclamations.

He was brilliant, he was often times moody, he was creative, he was joyous, he was funny, he could often times be biting (with his words and sometimes with his teeth), he was petulant, and he could transform himself into just about anything he wanted.

But the man I choose to remember was the man he revealed when his beloved, age, dog was dying and how he stayed with his beloved little one and expressed it in his own words.

I will miss him with all my being.

2016 really has taken too many good people.

My only comfort is that Zsa Zsa got to Heaven before him, so now he is telling to moved her ass over and make room for Kabuki.

In his honor, the blog "flag" image is Kabuki for the time being.


  1. terrible, terrible news.
    of course, i hope he whacks zsa zsa with that other leg of hers.

  2. Replies
    1. And truth be told, I am angry. Angry that he died. Angry that 2016 has been such a shit year. Simply angry that there was nothing that was done that could have prevented this crappy year from being a better one.

  3. I guess that Gloria de Haven, Patty Duke, Marni Nixon, Kay Starr, Charmian Carr, Tammy Grimes, Florence Henderson and Queen Anne of Romania are all up there in the waiting room, queueing for their star stylist on his arrival. I imagine he'd pass on either Sonia Rykiel or Raine Spencer.

    And I hope he hits Nancy Reagan with that other leg of Zsa Zsa's!

    RIP. Jx

  4. Well hell! He was a beautiful and unusual flower that Kabuki.

  5. Oy, this year. This fucking year. And nothing better in the offing, from what one can see from here. I do adore the picture of Kabuki darting between Miss Hungary 1936 in one chair and the Queen of Romania in the next, all the while keeping up a steady stream of sharpish banter about the former contract starlet/First Lady waiting to get her hair washed out front...

    Nothing about 2016 is leaving easily is it?

  6. Sad news. Kabuki could be irascible and extremely humorous.

    He will be missed.

  7. A world sans-kabuki-san. One must learn to live in it but one will not necessarily like it.

    Farewell to kabuki zero: Gigastar, Artiste, and the Prettiest Ballerina in the World.

    I shall remember him with great affection.

    As kabuki once said, I've got to boogie oogie oogie till I just can't boogie no more.

  8. I hope the detritus of this louse-ridden year doesn't follow Kabuki on their passage to a kinder, better place…or at least one less populated by, well…
    Be in peace, Kabuki

  9. Kabuki is going to be VEXED beyond all words when Carrie Fisher shows up and tells him to slide down the row.

    1. Make room, kabuki and Carrie.

      Debbie Reynolds in on her way to join you.