Sunday, April 24, 2016

Kim Berry: Prince’s Hairstylist

Kim Berry, or “Kim B” as she is known in the industry, was Prince’s hairstylist for 25 years, and her work has been seen all over the world in commercials, print, films, television and music videos.

“I ended up travelling the world with the artist for 25 years … he became my brother and my friend.”

"He wore more hairstyles then most women would ever try," she said. "He wore it all the way across the spectrum from pony tails all the way to wraps from cuts to finger waves so he didn't have no boundaries."

Kim Berry had just done Prince’s hair at this salon in Rome when he shot photos of the paparazzi shooting photos of him.[photo via]

Kim Berry talks about the “offstage” Prince here.

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  1. i'm angry with prince. he was stupid & i don't like stupid.