Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bobby Rydell

Bobby Rydell turns 74 today.


Born Robert Louis Ridarelli on April 26, 1942, Bobby Rydell was a teen idol of the early 1960s, approved of by mothers for his "boy next door" image.

Here's Bobby in 1960, singing "Volare" on a TV show, also approved of by mothers: The Perry Como Show....

We dare not Google to see if his pompadour has stood the test of time.


  1. and don't google his number 1 fan either. i fear it was only downhill from here.

  2. couldn't resist. from the pictures online its hard to tell about a pompadour, but the
    toupee looks fine.

  3. Is that the origin for Rydell High School's name?

    1. Ribozyme: Yes. "In both the Broadway musical drama Grease and the film Grease, the high school was named "Rydell High" after Rydell."

      However, his real last name was Ridarelli.