Sunday, July 19, 2015

Now on Sale in Our Gift Shoppe!

This very special diorama commemorates the fateful day that Norma parked poor Mrs. Belhaven in the ladies' room and because Peenee forgot to mop, no one discovered her for two and a half days.  We finally paid off the legal bills last year, but a few of these precious souvenirs can now be yours!


  1. Such a classy souvenir... Jx

  2. it's all fun and games until she uncrosses her legs.

  3. I should add that when you lower the little hood onto the unsuspecting lady's head, a realistic cloud of steam comes out, creating an almost chillingly realistic tableau of the sad moment when Cookie, sneaking off for a smoke break, discovered her.

  4. I like how all the stylists' "medicine" is lined up along the sinks. I wonder if they put Norma's gallon jug in one of those cabinets.

    1. a gallon?
      it takes a lot more than a gallon of
      anything to work with all these biotches.

  5. I thought she was the salon's new bathroom attendant.