Monday, July 14, 2014

The first love of my life

The woman styling in this image from the late 1960s is Cookie's first love of his life.  Her name was Leatrice and she was a structure in my rudderless childhood life.  I adored her - I loved her either as much as my mother, or more so. Leatrice was in our employ, and I think she stayed with us through thick and thin because she was truly worried for my safety at the hands of my maniac father.  When she died when I was nine, it left a hole in my life that took years.

I think she deserves a place in the HHoF because her hair, which she took great pride in was always done at Andre Duval Salon, at Severance Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

Leatrice worked for other families as well, and I am quite sure that she was as beloved by them as she was and still loved by me.  She was the type of person who's heart was expansive, and didn't suffer fools gladly.

We've had some posts featuring some Burlesqueish hair, but Leatrice deserves to join our Bouffant and Fashionable League here at the Hair Hall of Fame.


  1. Well, I'm dazzled by her gloves and clutch.
    I love her already

    1. And the belt, and the shoes, no doubt.

  2. i suspect she brought a photo of either eppie or popo with
    her to the salon & i believe the operator got it perfectly!

  3. Matching gloves, clutch and belt, as well as a striking cheek bones and chin! I hope to be lucky to grow up to be Leatrice someday!

    I'm glad she was in your life Cookie and can only wish that everyone has a Leatrice looking out for them when they need it.

  4. May she visit you in your dreams and offer you all the latest style tips from "the other side".