Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's coming, the first week of August!

Every year, during the first week of August, Twinsburg, ohio, southeast of Cleveland, holds its Twin Days Festival.  The town is literally over run with, you guessed it, people who have shared a womb.  You thought I was going to say twins, didn't ya.  I avoided it because the Festival really is for twins, triplets, etc. and so on, and their families.

And then there are the matching outfits!  Matching combovers, too.

All we know about this image is that the men are named Richard and Ernest, and they came from Virginia in 1993 to the first Twinsburg festival.  They decided to pose with these women.  

I so want to meet these people, because they are expressing themselves in a fashion that speaks to their need to express themselves.  And they aren't wearing the usually golf shirts and shorts that most people in "The Ohios" seem to live in during the summer.

So you have about a week to get to Ohio and see things like this without benefit of drinking too much or getting conked on the head.


  1. thank you. i'll avoid twins burg.

  2. Thank heaven it's Twin Week. I thought Norma had slipped Vodka Stingers in my Slim Fast. Again.

  3. Twins? Sheesh
    It's like a hangover.