Monday, April 1, 2013

Remember, first impressions...

...are lasting impressions.  Fur coats have their proper place, and that is it should be worn in the proper season.  Nothing is as gauche, or alien, as one who dresses incorrectly for the festivities at hand.  Others may think that you are trying to take on airs, or worse, a bad actor.  However if you must wear your fur off season, do so in a way that doesn't draw unwanted attention.  We recommend cold storage during the off season.  


  1. There's an English expression, "all fur coat and no knickers" meaning someone putting on airs but no real class.

    1. There's definitely no class involved here - although George Nader is quite pleasing on the eye... Jx

  2. kabuki purposely moved to a town where fur is always in season. As is swimwear. Details will be revealed in an upcoming blog "A town without pretty"

  3. Now, personally, I would have that made into a lovely stole -- so much more practical.

  4. what's nader trying to do,
    change the channel?