Sunday, January 20, 2013

Now in the HHoF giftshop: MERKIN MANIA

With MJ away, we thought it was time for some merkins, lest anyone out there feel as if they were about to go through merkin withdrawal.

We found this old ad online that reads:

"If wearing a bikini is your thing, THE PUBIC HAIR WIG will add sensual pleasure to the on-looker and yourself.  Worn on nude beaches, it's even more exciting!  At last you can shave your privates without anyone knowing.  THE PUBIC HAIR WIG is a real turn-on as it can be worn above the hairy areas or as a cover-up.  Hand made with invisible stick on tape only $9.95.  Send cash, check or money order with hair sample for a perfect match to: MAN HAIR..."

Alas, no complete address. Still, there's no mistaking, this is a manly product.

We also found this for the ladies:

"Botched Brazilian? Misbehaved shave? Unveiled va-jay-jay?"

Kitty Carpet, available online, advertises itself at the "reusable downstairs toupee".  Our sample is shown in the ever popular "straw" coloring.

Ask Margaret in our gift shop about our full line of merkins.  Wednesday's blue-rinse merkins are half-off*!

*The pile is not quite as thickly thatched.