Monday, December 10, 2012

Proudly announcing, (drumroll, please)...

Muscato has graciously accepted our invitation and will be joining the HHoF as our newest stylist and correspondent.   As a man of the world, he brings to the HHoF a man of the worlds take on all that Hall of Fame worthy.  Or not. Book now, as we're sure that he'll have his hands full of autograph seekers, groupies and adoring clientele. 

Please join us tonight at 9:31 PM (EDT) for his first posting. 


  1. Hooray! Welcome Mr. Muscato. You might want to take the chair next to Norma. MJ has sticky fingers when it comes to bobby pins and curlers.

    1. And I'll stick him with my rat tail comb if he looks at me the wrong way.

  2. Thank you very much oh Mr. Muscato
    For doing the jobs that nobody wants to

    (Stop by the Gift Shop for your "Welcome Bag" full of "goodies")

  3. Does Mr. Muscato have time for a comb-out and fluff at 1015 tomorrow? My 1/2 bang fell.