Thursday, July 19, 2012

Marylou Martinez and Mary Puga


I have to share this awesome fashion photo archive that I hadn't seen until yesterday. In a way, I'm glad I'm late to the party. The blog is over a year old and I'm having a great time looking at all of the photos on Of Another Fashion. 

Here's a Q&A with the founder of the archive. It's a crowd sourced project, so if you have  some cool vintage fashion images of women of color, why not contribute?


  1. Amazing, incredible site. What a find.

  2. Jumpers!
    The OAF site is fantastic!

  3. I can't believe I didn't know about it sooner, either! OAF--what a great project. I've spent hours with it already and am sure I'll be back time and again. This is similar to the feeling I had when Alan Lomax's archive of folk music went online. Here's a link to an NPR story about that. Take a listen. There's lots to hear!