Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Has anyone seen Mr. TJB?

We're looking "Hi" and low for Mr. TJB - has anyone seen him?

Back row, left to right, Thombeau, Norma Desmond (dialing), Felix, MJ (seated and yakking), Cookie, Holly Gab (dialing).

Front row, left to right, Donna Lethal, Mean Dirty Pirate and Jason.


  1. THHoF hired temps to confirm Seniors Day appts again? Let it ring at least 50 times before hanging up...

  2. TBJ or TJB?

    Freudian slip...teehee.

  3. Why is Thom wearing sensible shoes?

    And what are you DICKtating to me, Cookie?

  4. I've been wondering about him for the longest myself.
    I'm sure he's looking fabulous wherever he is...he's probably off at the chicest new hair salon in Rome... working as an heiress' escort on the side.

  5. I left TJB this comment on his last post on October 12th,

    “Hey honey, just checking in with you. I'm sure you're either in love or off to Italy or both.”

    I received this email from TJB on October 19th,

    “Dear heart,

    Thanks for voicing your concern. I hasten to assure you, I am OK, if a bit technologically challenged at the moment - my hard drive, modem and router all expired on me around the same time, and I've been too strapped - for time and money - to replace or fix everything. So, unfortunately darling, my mysterious absence isn't all that glamorous! However, you were almost correct in surmising that I have been busy traveling down la rue d'amour, and am prepping to depart for Italia next week.

    Hope all is well in the gracious South! Miss you and everyone else in the blogosphere...”

    I hope that he doesn’t mind that I share this with all of you.

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  7. she is and will always be....fabulous.

  8. TJB...I vaguely remember her...

    And yes, I am wearing sensible shoes. They're the only sensible thing about me!

  9. My evil twin and I are both dialing! Calling TJB-- come back, please!

    I was just gettin' hooked on your blog right before you disappeared. I hope Italy is treating you well. We miss you!

    Thombeau--love your skimmer loafers.

  10. Why thanks for letting us know! I was wondering why he was stuck on Paulette Goddard. I've been a bit remiss myself, but only for work (non-beauty related) reasons.