Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Please Welcome Ms. Lucite Box

The management and the stylists of the Hair Hall of Fame would like to welcome our newest  State Beautician University and Training School Graduate, Miss Lucite Box.  Known as Lucitebox to her friends annd family, she will be taking over the area formerly occupied by the fortune teller machine, that State Authorities carted off last week.

To the others who tried out for our open seat, we wanted to make room for you but none of you had an available email address on your profiles and neither of the other two finalists responded to my pleas to send me an email.  I can only (throws my hands up into the air) do so much.

So visit our newest contributor's blog Holly Gab and behold, a keen eye to style and revel in her findings.

Welcome her, Bitches!


  1. Welcome, Ms. Box!

    You look like Wally just pinched you.

    Beware the wrath of our client Margaret, if THAT'S the case.

  2. Yep, MJ! Goosed again!

    I'm so looking forward to getting to know all of you! I must say, though, somebody needs to get a some incense or a room deodorizer for the bathroom. (Shall I address this with Wally?) Sigh... I suppose that's one of my duties now, too. I'll get to that right after I finish sweeping up this pile of hair.

    And please, if you all wouldn't mind refraining from putting cocktail picks in the Barbicide, that would be nice. It gets a little tedious picking out those little plastic swords when I have to refill the disinfectant.


  3. Welcome! I'm the one with the bouffant who skulks around outside. I'm from outer space you know. No, not the one with the shopping cart and the tinfoil hat. The other one.

    Sorry Mz. Cookie. Thought I was being compliant. I activated an email in my profile as soon as you asked and joined your shaker heights blog because that was as close as I could get to following your profile. In your profile there in no email contact activated so I had no way (that I know of) to email you. No harm no foul, but please know that I tried (foolishly I didn't want to appear pushy--I should have pushed that Krystal Conner down the stairs--Oh that was that other job). (Sept 23 in a return comment to you on the post titled "the Woody":"Why Mz. Cookie, I'm thrilled and honored! I activated my email in my profile. Look forward to hearing from you soon!") Alas, I'm not the best with this 21st century technology. That and my body is the host for a 15 pound peroxide bouffant that taxes it's energy needs.

    It's really no problem. I just wanted you to know I'm not one of those addle headed little girls who applies for positions and then is nowhere to be found. Addle headed, well yes. Little, not in the least. Girl, passably--why I'll have you know I'm the spitting image of Monroe (in a heavy fog with mood lighting--a very dark mood at that). I did mention I meant Alf Monroe, right?

    Sorry for the mix up (and this dreadfully long comment) and again welcome Mz Box! May your updos precede you (not literally, that would make you fall over forward!)

  4. welcome Miss Box! I love your work already.

  5. Er, eh, Moxie - the email link is on my profile. Has been. Call me, lets talk about it, K?

  6. Finally! Some new blood.

    Welcome Ms. Box.

  7. touch my barbicide and you're toast.


  8. Box, or should I call you, "Foxy Boxy?"
    Hmm, as long as you keep your paws off of Wally, and my bottle of vintage Kreml, and open THHoF doors on Seniors Day at 7:00 AM promptly, we'll be just fine.
    BTW, I am much prettier than you, even on my worst of days when Cordoba accidentally started and ran over me.

  9. You all know how to make a lady feel welcome! I'm thrilled to be a part of the scene. Here's to you: http://www.lucitebox.com/blog/?p=4301

  10. I'm late to the party, but: Yay!!!