Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Barbershop Candles

The Blind Barber, working closely with JOYA, has created candles inspired by the smells of the barbershop and presented in “Barbicide” jars…

Available in Honey, Smoke, Leather and Lavender.

Honey – Derived from the sweet smell of whiskey you get as the glass reaches your mouth. (Each service at the Blind Barber comes with a complimentary cocktail.)

Smoke – A slight hint of smoke is reminiscent of the lingering smell of smoke from jackets hung on the coat rack.

Leather – The element of leather is a reminder of the way barbers used to sharpen their razor right before they shaved a man’s beard.

Lavender – A signature finishing touch to all of the Blind Barber shaves. The essential oil is used to instill a sense of calm after a shave.

More info here.


  1. finally, a reason to have my septum undeviated.

  2. If they were doing scents of a beauty salon, I can only imagine the mixture of Ma Griffe, Chanel No.5, Vantage Cigarettes, Aqua Net and brown booze breath. And one would want to deny the odor of Perm lotion or HOT hairdryer hair.

  3. Mmm burnt underarm hair...

    Can you smell it?

    Mmm...Let me light another'n...