Thursday, July 14, 2011

That one little mugshot

That Thombeau so...obviously (or we thought) photoshopped has spawned all kinds of, well, take a look!
Thank you Carol Andrews. I guess it's good as my book is coming out soon (avail on Amazon in August - here's my first review.)

(Copyright 2010 Thombeau & Donna Lethal)


  1. I have this picture with her side profile in huge size on my living room wall :)


  2. how funny is that? and with music? i love
    that you're famous and i know you, kinda.

  3. When I grow up I want to be a provocateur like Donna....

  4. If only Oprah hadn't called it a day.

    We'd be watching Donna now as she discussed Oprah's Book Club selection.

  5. Velvet - did you print it out on a big printer? I wrote to the guy that found it (Least Wanted) but he never replied. Did you ever see the rest of the set, "Minneapolis Women"? Who knew it was such a hotbed of HUGE hair crime?