Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More Gabor

Perfume: "Lis'n-dear"


  1. Purchase Gabor Synthetic Wig Spray on EBay.
    Wait for mail.
    Unwrap Wig Spray.
    Get lighter.
    Remove smoke alarm batteries.
    Get into bathtub.
    Rip down plastic shower curtain.
    Take off Gabor wig spray can top, careful of rust.
    Hold can securely between knees.
    Depress nozzle.
    Flick lighter.
    Grab shower curtain to hide burns.
    Back to EBay, order Gabor Wig & eyelashes.
    Put batteries back into smoke alarm.

  2. Actually, you spray it directly on your head for an instant wig. the name "Hair in a Can" was already taken and "Can-O-Hair" just didn't have the class they were looking for.

  3. Norma, you're all invited to Margaret's Mess Hall. No passes required. But you will have to pass inspection. Kreml shots at the door.