Friday, May 13, 2011

Please Stand By While We Restore HHoF Services

Well, if you haven't noted by now, BLOGGR had a nervous breakdown (or something like that) and needed to delete most of the things that were posted yesterday, network wide, to get up and running today.  So if you clicked the linky to see something and it isn't there, or here, you know why.

Look for new material after the HHoF stylists regain their composure from the unexpected day off.  Look for Donna and Felix's love child to be born in late January, 2012 because you just know how they spent their time twiddling and twaddling each other in the supply room, too.


  1. I've already gotten the happy couple the perfect baby gift! ^

  2. What was yesterday? What is today? Where is my Barbicide?