Sunday, May 1, 2011

Elsie DeWolfe

Learn something new every day! Toward the end of her life, in an eccentric move, she introduced the fashion of dyeing women’s gray hair with a bluish tint.
For a fascinating read about Elsie's life and work, please go here.


  1. Where would we be without her?

  2. So much now makes sense-Elsie and I share the same birthdate. No wonder I throw myself onto the ground after reading HHoF posts.

    Not dyeing my hair blue, but my aunt had hers pink in the 60s. I liked it.

    Thanks for the Jane Hall link.

  3. Shall we plaster her image on our Seniors Days flyers?

  4. MJ - yes! Margaret - PINK? Do you have photos? Thom - nowhere.

  5. @MJ, sadly, no, not with the pink hair. She is a Jersey Girl (at age 5 I was sure she was Marily Monroe), platnium blonde, perpetually sprayed and perfectly poofed, tanned, slim, heels, perfect mani/pedi, is in her late 70s, but looks 50, married to the same man for 50+ years (a living Ken Doll), retired in yep, you guessed it, Flor-i-da.

    I diiiie when I look at herrrr.