Friday, April 1, 2011

Season Preview

No mess, no fuss, light as air!

It's younger than springtime -- and twice as exciting.


  1. ok i gotta ask; whats up with all the skinheads?

  2. My guess is this is a post-WWII photo. In many European countries such as France, women who collaborated with the Germans were punished by having their heads shaved.

  3. This is from the movie Five Branded Women. They were all shaved because they collaborated with the Nazis. In the movie they redeem themselves by joining the resistance. It was because of this hair cut that Vera Miles is wearing a wig in Psycho.

    There was a cover story in Life magazine about this movie. (I always suspected their editor had a short hair fetish because he also featured stories about the Female Crewcut, a detailed photo essay on Julie Harris getting her hair cut for Member of the Wedding, and also the famous Pony vs. Poodle cover. And many more.)

    Barbara Bel Geddes and Jeanne Moreau are actually wearing wigs, though, because of other acting commitments.