Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Have a Veruschka Kind of Day

Your hair will thank you for it later.


  1. Did she attend the Mimi Bobeck School of Cosmetology?

  2. 1. Is she is the same species as me?
    2. If my dad plotted to kill Hitler, would that have launched me into modeling?
    3. She can leap across oceans.
    4. She has her own plastic bubble.
    5. She's still alive, which is a feat in itself after making $10k/day in the fashion world in the '70s.
    6. Mimi Bobeck wishes.
    7. I am closer to looking like Mimi than to Veruschka.
    8. Stuffing peeps into my mouth.
    9. Ripping up modeling portfolio.
    10. Beg MJ for gofer job sweeping stale, fake, dirty and overly processed HHoF hair.
    11. Try to get Wally back.

  3. Have a Veruscka Kind of Day?

    whoa, i just did! thank you!

  4. I would, but I can't find my pills or my ram seaman conditioner....

    Oh hai Margaret,
    I'm still around but my last trick wasn't a John, Jon or Jonny....
    He was a "Jonothan"....
    & you know how that can be.

  5. 13. Send Jonothan flowers, candy & blue eye shadow.
    14. Send Wally photos of me laying in flowers, eating candy & wearing blue eye shadow, in the buff.

  6. I must have been a really good boy!