Sunday, December 12, 2010

What Hair Shall I Wear?

Hairdo-related anxiety is on the rise. With such an overwhelming number of styles, cuts and colors to choose from, what's a gal to do?

This 8-1/2" (21.6 cm) square spinner device will take some stress out of your life by making the decision for you.

When you're ready to change your look, just flick the plastic spinner and pray that it doesn't land on Mohawk.

Features a fold out stand and hanger so you can prop it on your dresser or hang it on your wall.

The What Hair Shall I Wear? Decision Spinner is available here.


  1. margaret poses an excellent question. i say, if it lands on the line then you must get pat sayjak's haircut.

  2. I think we've got a pretty big bouffant crowd here. Just sayin'!